Systems Biology Software Infrastructure

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Welcome to the SBSI homepage.

The stated aim of SBSI is to provide "A new infrastructure to streamline the connection between data, models, and analysis, allowing the updating of large scale data, models and analytic tools with greatly reduced overhead".

On this site you can find information about aims of SBSI, user guides, downloads and documentation.

Read the 5 minute overview or FAQ for a quick overview, or user documentation for more detailed user instructions.
An illustrated use case gives an overview of the optimization process, using an example Circadian clock model.


We ran an SBSI tutorial at the recent SynthSys modelling workshop. The tutorial is now available online.

Another our course Stochastic modelling workshop.

Some presentations about SBSI are available to give further background.

SBSI is an open source development, with our downloads and much of our source code hosted on Sourceforge. The current release is 1.4.5.

To report bugs, request features, hear about new releases, or to comment on SBSI, please subscribe to our mailing list or follow us on Twitter.